Moving Still | Still Moving : Multimedia Arts Exhibition
About the Exhibit


The 2021 Multimedia Arts Senior Exhibition is an expression and exploration of the irony of the pandemic moment encompassing the melancholy, solitude, states of stasis and displacement, as well as wonder, escapism, and the desire for change and liberating movement. The singular (incremental) and the plural (collective) power of both a single frame and the kinetic and interactive fusion of multiple frames aided by the persistence of vision as well as the perseverance of the creative spirit are reflected in this year’s crop of dynamic multimedia works by the following Studio Arts seniors with an emphasis in Multimedia Arts:

Conrad Artiss

Yara Aynousah

Olivia Baer

Christine Bianco

Kailey Castro

Autumn Collins

Adelina Ehrhard

Emma Limbocker

Mathew Martini

Chase McFadden

Krista Miya

Chase Mouser

Matt Tether

Teresa Ueunten

Jessica Vysel

Karen Wang