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Adelina Ehrhard
The Art of Greenwashing: Kinetic Type Poster Series

The Art of Greenwashing

The Art of Greenwashing is a series of kinetic type posters (created in After Effects) that bring awareness to: a.) what is greenwashing? b.) how does greenwashing affects us? c.) examples of companies that use this marketing tactic. The posters are accompanied by sourced facts and descriptions of how certain companies are using the greenwashing tactic to drive sales in the false context that they are a “green” company.

The design language utilizes the “Lust” typeface, a black background, and a 9:6 ratio that makes the videos easily accessible to platforms like Instagram, Tik-tok, and Snapchat.      These creative graphics have been placed in the context of individual posters as well as in context of a real-life situation, featuring photos I have personally taken of the streets of Williamsburg, New York.


Artist Bio

As I balance my studies in graphic design with my full-time job as a manager of SoulCycle, I’ve been reflecting on the parallel skills between the two. In my four years at SoulCycle, with positions at the corporate office as well as branches in NYC, I’ve had many opportunities to collaborate with various stakeholders in order to curate custom experiences. I hope to utilize this understanding when joining future design teams, to work together and determine optimal solutions. I find working with others to be tremendously rewarding  .I have had the pleasure of meeting many different people, engaging in hundreds of fun, challenging and productive conversations. Most importantly, my experience in the wellness and fitness industry has helped me establish a strong sense of discipline that I’m able to carry over into all other areas of my life. Finally, I have solid grasp regarding diverse audiences and and how best to engage with them. I have experience in crafting campaigns for SoulCycle’s clientele, and I’m enthusiastic to continue conversations with new clients, using different mediums, for fresh audiences.

Emma Limbocker
Hops & Honey: Label Design Series