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Jessica Vysel
Adventures of Imagi: Animation + Live Action

The Adventures of Imagi

The Adventures of Imagi is a short film about a young woman inspired to use her imagination after meeting a new friend. As adults, we tend to stray away from make-believe stories or using our imagination to create a better world. We must remember that acting on our imagination is fueled by inspiration and can make our ideas a reality.

The story is told using live action combined with 2D and 3D animation. The animations and effects were created through the Adobe Creative Suite and Maya.

Artist Bio

Jessica Vysel

My name is Jessica Vysel.

I am a multimedia artist located in Los Angeles. I love learning diverse design and animation programs to expand my knowledge. Amongst computer animation, I also enjoy drawing. When I’m not in school or practicing new skills, I manage a salon and work as a professional hairstylist.

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