Moving Still | Still Moving : Multimedia Arts Exhibition
Kailey Castro
ABSORB: LED Sculptural Installation + Projections


Through this ribcage-like installation piece, I wanted to explore how the body experiences and expresses various emotions. It is not often we get to see how the body functions from within. Emotions can start from our heart and are often felt in distinct ways by every person. I hope to depict three different emotions, anger, curiosity and joy.

Lining the sculpture with LED lights on the inside allows for another vessel for emotions. In the first segment, the lights will mimic emotions with colors that I felt corresponded with each emotion. In the second segment, graphics will consume the ribcage following the mood being portrayed. This duality gives a chance for more people to connect and immerse in the experience.

Artist Bio

Kailey Castro

My name is Kailey Castro. I’m a Multimedia Arts designer from Seattle, Washington. I am inspired by music, I enjoy embroidering, cooking and playing sports in my free time. I am working to develop my computer design skills as well as production design skills. I am interested in stage/event production, lighting design, and art production!

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