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Karen Kai Lun Wang
Midsummer: VR Environment


The interactive experience Midsummer was inspired by countless summers, spent at the pool. Every year in the last few weeks of spring, there was nothing more I looked forward to as a kid – besides summer break. Even as an adult, I find myself daydreaming about those days and nights, swimming at the house I grew up in. I think everyone has their “me” place – that recurring memory you constantly take yourself back to. Whenever I’d float on my back and stare at the sky, the back of my mind would worry that someday this would be my last swim here, in this specific pool and house. Way before I even thought of majoring in Multimedia Arts, it was a distant dream of mine to somehow immortalize this experience. This project was built with Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine 4.

The following is a preview video of the VR experience:

Artist Bio

Karen Kai Lun Wang

As someone with a questionably short attention span that always wants to move on to the next thing, art to me, represents a never-ending opportunity for self-discovery and understanding the world. Most of my ideas start off as drawings only to be further realized in 3D, animation – and as of recently – creative code and virtual reality. A lot of my work ends up sharing a common theme of memory, especially looking back at the past. What I hope for these constructed experiences, is for greater self-realization and reflection that escapes materialism, desire, and ego. I feel that the world we live in today is filled with so many distractions that fuel negativity and suffering, mostly in relation capitalism. As a Multimedia artist, I view technology as a double-edged blade; despite its cons and impact on society, its capacity to create and productivity never ceases to discover new forms of expression. I hope to continue exploring the relationship between humans and technology with interactive designs that pertain to our consciousness.   

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