Moving Still | Still Moving : Multimedia Arts Exhibition
Emma Limbocker
Hops & Honey: Label Design Series


What started out as a hobby taken up during the global pandemic has turned into an art project. A few months ago my boyfriend and I began making beer and mead to pass the time. As fermentation began, we thought it would be fun to make our own labels for each batch. Now, I’ve created labels for the beers and meads we have made so far and took it a step further by making product shots for each style.


Emma Limbocker

Emma Limbocker is a Senior Multimedia Arts major at Loyola Marymount University. Originally from Portland, Oregon she now lives in Westchester, California while finishing up her degree. Emma primarily enjoys working in digital mediums, specifically in the Adobe Suite. She is currently interning for Partizan Entertainment and House Special as a treatment intern. Post graduation, Emma hopes to work with graphics and layout in the entertainment industry.

Mathew Martini
Monkeys in the Middle: Music Video