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Chase Mouser
Fallingwater: Music Video


Falllingwater is a music video for a song by Profits, an electronic duo consisting of myself and Mathew Martini. The video uses a mix of footage shot by myself and found online which has been distorted to represent a kind of synthesis of the natural and digital worlds while also exploring the concept of glitch art as it relates to the natural aesthetic.

The title of the song, Fallingwater, refers to perhaps the most famous building ever designed by world-renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. An interview with Wright from the 1950’s, where he talks of his love for nature and rejection of organized religion, is sampled throughout the track.

All effects and editing was executed in Adobe After Effects. The music was written and produced by me and Mathew Martini in Ableton Live.

Chase Mouser

Artist Bio

My name is Chase Mouser and I’m a digital artist based out of Los Angeles, CA who will be graduating from Loyola Marymount-University in May 2021. I started taking my own film photos when I was 8 years old and, which is where my creative journey began, and have been capturing the world around me through the camera ever since. I have taken on a wide variety of different creative mediums since then such as film production and visual effects, 3D motion graphics, graphic design, and most recently music production and synthesis. This means that I typically am using the Adobe Suite to complete much of my digital work, as well as Digital Audio Workspaces like Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

I approach everything I do with a strong sense of social justice, and have come to be very interested in the way the media we consume colors our view of the world and the people around us. I strive to bring a sense of community and equity in everything that I do.

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