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Olivia Baer
HALF FULL: Music Video

Half Full

In collaboration with recording artist Mason Swinnie, Half Full is a music video that was created to demonstrate the influences and feelings that play into a mindset of existing versus living. This work is composed of light projections, abstract water visuals, and synth-based sounds to simulate the slow-moving numbness that can be felt in relation to depression, anxiety, and escapism. Abstract 3D animations are projected on and around the main subject to visualize this process through cool colors, abstract liquid forms, and fluid movements.

Half Full intends to visualize a struggle with mental health as the subject experiences the absence of time that occurs when one goes through the motions, causing days to blend together. It also reveals methods of distraction and coping that lay the foundation for the numbness that we choose over feeling the effects of reality. It communicates methods of suppression and denial as a temporary fix that prolongs the process of healing. This work is not meant to instill pity or negative connotations around this feeling, but to challenge a space of honesty and awareness within oneself.

Artist Bio

My name is Olivia Baer and I’m a digital artist based in Los Angeles. A foundation in mostly portrait photography has influenced my creative process and led to my more recent involvement in music videos, cover arts, product photography, social media management, and web design. Studying multimedia at LMU has also exposed me to a number of digital mediums ranging from creative programming to 3D work to motion graphics which has strengthened my versatility as an artist and given me more opportunity in the ability to combine mediums. Outside of school I work for a growing digital agency called Mojave that specializes in end-to-end digital product development. I also love to collaborate with other creatives including installation artists, recording artists, and small business owners who want to build their brand and develop an online presence.

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