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Yara Aynousah
This Neon Light: VR Environment

This Neon Light Exhibition

This Neon Light Exhibition is a VR experience where the user can walk around and explore the whole space in a first person point of view. The 3D light Installations in the project are inspired by the artists: James Turell and Dan Flavin.

I wanted to create this fun VR Experience to give people a happy place in quarantine. I think it will help them stay entertained, feel calm and less isolated during the Covid-19. I mean, what better time to escape into virtual reality than a pandemic?

Navigation/Technical info:

This Neon Light Exhibition was developed in Unity and Cinema 4D. The project link will take you to a WebGL Unity build that can be experienced in your browser. Click on Run Game to load This Neon Light Exhibition . It is not viewable on mobile devices. Please wait for site to load upon visiting the link. To navigate the exhibition space use the cursor keys or the AWSD keys on the keyboard and the mouse or touchpad to move/orbit through the space. Use the Esc key to exit out

Artist Bio

Yara Aynousah

My name is Yara Aynousah. I’m a multimedia student from Saudi Arabia. I’m interested in using technology to create art that inspires and supports the overall well-being of society. In my work, I always hope to bring something unique to the table.

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