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Conrad Artiss
STORAGE: Interactive Net Art


In everyone’s life there is a storage of items containing many things of importance clustered together in a disorganized mess. Inside we’ll find memories of another time, work that we have created that seemed previously mundane now turned into memorabilia, to outright new perspectives that we have not considered in the present until looking back and seeing the change. These are the musings that inform the online art work “Storage” which depicts a room of disorganized chaos, with each item carrying its own important meaning and unique experience.

In this project, the viewer can interact with any item they see and with a simple click can be transported into a new memory or view of life that they have experienced or not, making the way for the creation of new memories. The items represent different facets of life that bring about different emotions from fear, love, hard work, fun, elegance, and many more that they can experience. Some of the items even change the perspective of the room itself, showing how one can view life from normal to new and exciting ways. This interactive website creates the feeling of interacting with storage space and picking out the different memories of our lives that we have left cluttered around. To which it reminds us to always look through our cluttered mess as there may be something of importance lying around waiting to be found. 

Artist Bio: 

Conrad Artiss

Getting started in the world of multimedia design, I have had a chance to create works in different mediums, showing a chaos-like-realm of imagination and bringing it into reality. With 2 years of learning experience under the multimedia branch of LMU’s Studio Arts program, I have developed many skills and projects spanning photography, 3D design, coding, illustration, graphic design, video production and online art.. My art and design works have drawn on my love of video games, movies, television, anime, comics, and storybooks, each one detailing a whole new world that separates itself from reality. In this way, I am able to envision a new way of looking at the world that transcends petty reality and the usual day-to-day life that we all live in. With the skills and drive, one can push beyond the boundaries that exists and create dream-like worlds that brings fiction and reality together, creating a whole new reality for us to explore.

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