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Matthew Tether
Modern Picasso: Net Art

Modern Picasso

Modern Picasso explores the Cubism movement through a Modern Lens. Cubism brings together different views of subjects into the same composition, often using simplified forms to create an abstraction of the original form. In a similar way, Modern Picasso brings together different views of a subject through the use of modern distortion and pixelation technology, and simplifies itself through the use and alteration of ready-made png images. What truly separates this project from traditional cubism is the agency of the audience to change the composition and abstraction as they please by dragging and placing elements of the composition; creating near infinite possibilities for the composition’s form. 

Artist Bio

Matthew Tether is a Multimedia Artist graduating from Loyola Marymount University’s Class of 2021. His artistic interest lies in exploring new digital forms and media, and finding ways to explore old media in a digital space. What currently interests him most is the emerging field of NFTs, and he is currently working on a collection which he plans to release in the early months of this Summer. 

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